Artist Statement

Eleonora Roaro (Italy, 1989)
Lives and works in Milano (IT).

Her practice involves images in motion, with a particular focus on video and archaeology of cinema. She often revisits ancient devices and iconographies in order to reflect on how technologies influence the way we see and shape our vision. Therefore display and duration are key elements, especially in video-art. Many projects are on loops, as she considers repetition not only a constitutive thing of life, both in biological, historical and existential terms, but also an important concept in media studies, as Lev Manovich states in his “The Language of New Media” (2001).
Through her practice – which consists of different media such as video, photography, performance, installation and sound – she tries also to investigate the ephemeral and fragility of humankind, and the way meaning is created through narrative. She is currently researching the relationship between architecture and spectatorship in perceiving moving images.