Eleonora Roaro, “00:00:01:00”
Seven-channel video | 2’00’’ (loop)
1920×1080 HD 16:9 | Sound
Edition 3 + AP | 2016

The project “00:00:01:00” consists of seven one-second video performances: the title refers to the timecode used in video-editing software. In seven different prehistoric sites in Cornwall (UK), the artist pops a balloon, an object typically associated with parties. This ironic gesture serves as a metaphor for geological eras and the Anthropocene: as it took the Earth many years to transform and grow, similarly humans in one second – corresponding to the beginning of industrialization to today – are destroying the entire ecosystem of the planet. The project also reflects on the idea of landscape and wilderness as cultural constructs: not only are these places, often perceived as unspoiled and consequently frequently depicted by British painters during the Romanticism, often located near industrial areas, but are also altered by human activities, representing prehistoric forms of architecture and human intervention in the environment.