L.U.X. | Teatro Giuseppe Verdi, Padova


Padova Danza, the final show at Teatro Giuseppe Verdi, Padova (Italy)
29th September 2019

Educational project conceived by Samantha Stella and choreographer Matteo Levaggi, a method of common creation where dance and visual arts offer a new contemporary perspective.

In collaboration with the Professional Training Course, a project for dancers of Padova Danza, directed by Gabriella Furlan Malvezzi and recognized by the Ministry for Cultural Heritage and Activities – Directorate-General for Live Performance.

The projects created together have developed into the common awareness that, in our contemporary age, we should talk of creation not as a “show” or a “ballet”, but as a “work of art”, and that the individual roles, choreographer and visual artist, and consequently, body movement and the aesthetic apparatus where the body is placed – scenography, installation, costumes, video, photography, sculpture, architecture -, even if always defined, are a symbiotic interpretation from which the original idea takes shape. One feeds on the other, without prevarication in terms of importance, in the common intent focused on the final result, the work of art itself.
L.U.X. allows dancers and visual artists not to work on movement and aesthetic objects as single elements, but to stimulate interaction and dialogue, in order to give shape to common total work.