Cinemi is a research project (2018-ongoing) about cinemas in Milan from 1896 to 1955, which focuses on spectatorship, architecture and the relationship with the city. The attention is shifted from the movie itself to how the movie theatres influence and determine the experience of the audience. During the twentieth century cinemas in Milan, built ex-novo or readapted from previous buildings, were widespread and constituted a tangible presence in the urban fabric, especially in the periphery where they represented one of the few places of social aggregation and cultural promotion. The project is made using archives in order to reconstruct and revocate the memory and the social role of those places, such as Cittadella degli Archivi, Archivio del Corriere della Sera, Archivio del Lavoro, Archivio Fiera Milano, Archivio Fotografico a2a, Civico Archivio Fotografico, Raccolta Stampe Bertarelli and Cineteca Italiana.

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